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    Using Backup.bat with No Pause

      Any one knows how to use the Backup.bat (C:\oraclexe\app\oracle\product\10.2.0\server\BIN\Backup.bat) with no pause?
      looks like I can not even edit that (no permission).

      Thanks very much,
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          I can not even edit that (no permission).
          That's quite the unfortunate circumstance. It is supposed to be your instance, should have full rights to do what ever is needed to the database and instance. Are you logged in as the user that installed the software?

          Find out who did, in a command box:
          net localgroup ora_dba
          Login to the host with one of those group members. If your login is in the local administrators group you should not be seeing permission errors trying to change a file in the XE installation. I.E. sqlnet.ora, listener.ora in the network/admin folder, or that bin/backup.bat file either.

          And a quick note about rman, it will work pretty much out of the box but some of the default settings may not suit all purposes and intents.

          If you're not running in archivelog mode its much easier to just shutdown the database instance and copy datafiles off somewhere else, nice and safe.

          By default rman uses the flash recovery area for its backup files, and FRA has an arbitrary size limit. Out of the box enough to hold about two backups. And if you're in archivelog mode the archive files also use up space in FRA, unless you specify otherwise.