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    Oneway Wrapping  PL/SQL Programs


      I have wrapped my PL/SQL package successfully through wrap utility, but it can be easily unwrapped by some websites like 'http://www.codecrete.net/UnwrapIt' or unwrap mechanism.

      I need one way encryption for my program. Please suggest if there is any alternative.

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          No computer program in any language can be encrypted in a way that prevents someone that owns the server on which the code is running from reversing that encryption. The code, after all, has to be sent to the CPU to be executed. You can find sites that unwrap PL/SQL just like you can find tools that will generate C source code for the Oracle executable or the Java source for whatever JAR file you'd like to consider.

          The best you can do is to buy something like PFCLObfuscate that will obfuscate the code before calling the wrap utility (and calling the older version of the wrap utility which is a touch harder to unwrap and for which there are fewer online unwrapping tools). That requires money to buy the tool, though, and it will add complexity to your code management and deployment process since you have to maintain both a readable and an obfuscated version of the code and ensure that the right thing gets deployed and that no one inadvertently causes there to be differences between the two. And an attacker could still unwrap your code and still see exactly what it is doing, it would just be a bit harder to follow.

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