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    Transition from Trial to Purchased Java + DB PaaS cloud - overage?

    Michael OBrien
      A minimum configuration for Java EE hosting on Oracle Cloud Java + Database comes out to around 12 * (250 + 175) * 1.13 = $5763 per year - which is a price that requires some diligence for small businesses but worth it in order to use a full featured EE server like WebLogic 12 that includes EclipseLink in my opinion.

      What is the policy on overage fees over the 30GB(DB) and 50GB(Java) monthly traffic limits.
      - When the limit is reached at say the 3rd week - how is overage traffic handled - can we throttle the 50Gb java load over the month in that case to handle peak loads
      - Is there any extra fees if we exceed the 30+50 GB limits within the month - I don't want to forced to upgrade to the 250GB limit @ $9153 per year.
      The pricing page
      "This is the maximum allowed bytes of data in and out of your service within a billing month. Database import and export are provided for free and do not deduct from this allocation."
      but does not discuss on what is done with requests for data above the 50GB limit.

      - Is there any plan to incorporate a subset of free usage like GAE/Appspot and AWS/beanstalk do?

      - there was a 9 hour scheduled outage the night of the 31st - can we expect this regularly and are apps seamless handed over to an alternate production server during the duration - In that case how are in-transaction session handled. As I understand it we do not have access to a 2nd level Coherence cache - which could handle this.

      Trial to Paid
      Can I get a url prefix in the name of my company when I decide to move to a paid cloud from the "trialAAAA" one we get assigned now.

      Full Java EE 6 (or at least mirrored WLS support)
      What is the timeline for implemented the feature difference between local standalone 12c instances and the cloud ones.
      Specifically EJB 3.1(new deployment time timer beans, WebProfile), full ADF, Coherence, EclipseLink 2.5 (with Multitenancy and JPA-RS), JPA 2.0 container managed persistence units without static weaving.

      thank you