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    can I increase swap size by just adding a swap file for permanent?


      I am doing installation of oracle 11gR2 database on Linux.

      the swap area size is not enough. so can't go thought OUI's pre-system check before installation.

      the system administrator says, he really feel hard to find out any free uppartitioned disk space for adding more to current swap.
      he wants me to see if he can add a swap file (rather than an entire device/partition) for swap space.

      I checked docs:

      How to Create a Swap Device on Enterprise Linux [ID 432991.1]

      it says,

      "If no free, unpartitioned disk space exists, a swap file (rather than an entire device/partition) can be used for swap space as a *temporary*"

      but why temporary? why not permanent (I don't want to have trouble in future) is there anyone can help me to confirm?

      Thank you very much in advance.