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    Java on Mac OS FileNotFound if path contatins non latin characters

      Good news everyone.

      I found intersted problem with java on my Mac OS.

      I put file with name from nonlatin characters to folder test, full path is /Users/dnelepov/Downloads/test/тест изображение.png

      As u can see file exists!

      Next i wrote some code to view all files on folder /Users/dnelepov/Downloads/test/ and open file for read (for example):

      File dirF = new File("/Users/dnelepov/Downloads/test/");
      File[] files = dirF.listFiles();
      for (File oneF : files) {
      System.out.println("FILE:" + oneF);
      if (oneF.exists()){
      But next i got this:

      FILE:/Users/dnelepov/Downloads/test/�������� ����������������������.png
      СБОРКА УСПЕШНО ЗАВЕРШЕНА (общее время: 0 секунд)

      As you can see line EXSIS: never printed, but file founded!

      Also printind system properties get:



      I ask similar type question before [Java java.io.filenotfoundexception for file path with cyrillic characters|http://stackoverflow.com/questions/16968299/java-java-io-filenotfoundexception-for-file-path-with-cyrillic-characters] - but i think this problem not for only Cyrillic characters - but for all non latin languages.