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    Are Julian Dates ever disabled?

    Shoaib Javed

      I am trying to build a product that integrates JD Edwards data to a 3rd party system reading data through JDBC from customer's Oracle database. (I am not using data access driver for performance reasons)
      My system will convert Julian dates for E1 data tables to regular dates.

      But I see an option in P986115: Work with Datasources that there is an option to use regular dates instead of Julian. It is a check box for DB server settings.
      I am interested only in business data and wondering whether I need to support this option.

      My question is will ever a customer uncheck this and use regular dates in his database for "BUSINESS DATA". Does Oracle JD Edwards support such a system and treat it as an accepted practice?
      Has anyone in their experience seen this happen where a customer runs his business on regular dates rather than JDE dates?

      Any inputs will be deeply appreciated.