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    Hello everybody

      This is Kausar Hasan waving my hand for you. Please accept me as a friend. I am new in this forum and do not know much about it. Please help me to gather some knowledge. I am here to learn so i am everyone's student, waiting for your kind reply and help.
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          I believe everyone here who responds to postings strives to be easy going and helpful.

          Here are a few tips:

          It is a good idea to search the forum before posting a question. In Google, for example, you can use the following: site:forums.oracle.com linux configure dns

          Other than that, it is best to stay within the forum topic and to limit the amount of questions per thread according to your thread subject. The forum etiquette is outlined in the top of the forum thread listing.
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            1013400 wrote:


            This is Kausar Hasan waving my hand for you.


            How many fingers are you holding up?


            As Dude said - the forum is not a social discussion we-are-all-friends just chatting forum. It is a technical question-and-answer forum. Which many will follow simply to read about problems and issues, and how to resolve such problems and issues.