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    XML PO PRINT REPORT for different Operating Units

    Vishal Majithia
      Hi all,

      We are stuck at a point, hope someone helps us out.

      Requirement : We need to generate PO print report in pdf format for US and Mexico , both having different layout.

      Things done : We customized standard PO Print report to fetch XML output from it, and attached rtf(developed) to it.

      Things working fine : For US , report is perfectly fine and looks good.

      Issue : We need to generate for Mexico as well with different format.

      We have value in xml tags which can distinguish between US and Mexico OU's and we can simple use if else condition in the template itself .
      Here limitation is we have made MS word header as the PO header so we are not able to create different header for Mexico in the same rtf.

      We dont want to complicate the rtf much with more loops by removing it from Header and then page break and all.

      Can someone suggest something like use one rtf which handles both the format OR two different rtf registered for same concurrent program and which are called on the base OU.

      We are totally fine if we can do something while registering to Apps.

      Please let me know if any one wants more information.

      Hoping for a positive reply.

      Thanks in advance.