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    SQL Developer - Toggle Between SQL Worksheet and Query Result


      We have users who have just been asked to replace their beloved Toad license with SQL Developer and they have multiple questions about how they can mimic features that existed in Toad in SQL Dev. I was able to answer some of their questions but there are 2 remaining questions that I was not able to answer.

      1. How to save ‘schema browser’ view? It seems like you need to switch to schema browser every time you open a different connection. Is there a way to default to the Schema Browser on the left pane instead of the Connections pane?

      2. How do you toggle between worksheet and query results? (you did this with F6 in Toad) This was helpful to write sql and then quickly navigate the results with your keyboard without having to use your mouse.

      Please help if you know of a way to do this.

      Thanks in advance.