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    WHEN-MOUSE-CLICK not working in

      I have created a simple form with one text item and a WHEN-MOUSE-CLICK trigger attached to it. If I left click the item the trigger fires, but if I right click the item nothing happens, the trigger doesn't fire. Is it a bug? Can anyone confirm this? I found some old references to this not working but they are mostly 6i from years ago.


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          The only place I remember seeing the MOUSE EVENTS is a white paper entitled 'Oracle9i Forms - Migrating Client/Server To the Web', which I downloaded from Metalink way back when. In Section 3.3.1, the document states that and I am quoting:

          'Some mouse events are not used in Forms on the web due to the amount of network traffic that would be generated:

          Other mouse events work normally.'

          Based on this one, the WHEN-MOUSE-CLICK trigger should work. Funny thing is that these events (listed above) are still available in iDS ?

          I have also another white paper from Peter Koletzke of Quovera, titled as 'Top Tips For Web-Deployed Forms' - paper 616, and in this document also only those 3 mouse events listed above are listed under the 'Triggers That Don't Fire' section.

          I am hoping Grant or Frank will reply to this.
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            but if I right click the item nothing happens, the trigger doesn't fire.
            <p>I tried this in Forms 6i client/server and Web forms On 6i, cursor does not move to the item right-clicked, but at least the trigger fires, and reports Mouse_button_pressed = 3. But on web forms (running on Windows XP) the trigger does NOT fire at all.

            <p>I found this in the on-line help: "On Motif platforms pressing the right mouse button will not set the SYSTEM.MOUSE_BUTTON_PRESSED value." Does running under jinitiator make it a "Motif" platform???

            <p>I, too, hope that Frank or Grant will reply to this.

            <p> <br>And lastly, by the way: Looking at the on-line help, I learned that :System.mouse_button_modifiers replaces :System.mouse_button_shift_state.
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              François Degrelle

              The right click is used to display popup menus.
              That is probably the reason why it does not fire the When-Mouse-Click trigger.

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                i beleive that mouse click means click on left button. right click is for popup menu as like in windows os
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                  So by that what do you mean?. That it cannot be used for anything else than popup menus?. Can´t i just write a trigger based on right click?.


                  Best regards, Luis ...

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                    You do release that you posted in a thread that is 8 years old???


                    >Can´t i just write a trigger based on right click?.


                    No, just on left click.






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                      well this is bad news for Forms users. For start, it tells me Oracle has not updated its documentation.

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                        Michael Ferrante-Oracle

                        I just tested this in Forms and it works fine.  Both left and right mouse click fire the WHEN-MOUSE-CLICKED trigger.  So likely this was a bug in the version you are using.  Are you aware that Forms 10 is no longer entitled to Error Correction?  The terminal patch for this version is (patch ID 5983622).  I recommend to download and install this patch and retest.  If it still doesn't work, it may be time to upgrade to a current version like

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                          Sorry, i have not provided the exact information. I'm using forms 11g Rel2 (Forms [32 bits] Versión (Producción)).


                          This is an old link i found related to the problem.


                          I guess problem should be solved downloading patch 5983622 or upgrading to right?.

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                            In this case what is easier? Deinstall or upgrade to What dou you think?

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                              Michael Ferrante-Oracle

                              If you already have installed, patching is fairly easy.  The patch ID for is 15948641.  I would also recommend patching WLS to 10.3.6 if you haven't already done so.  This should be done before applying the patch if you plan to do it.  You must have a minimum of WLS 10.3.5 installed before moving to


                              The WLS 10.3.6 patch IDs are as follows:

                              • Generic Upgrade Installer (generally for 64bit WLS installations) - ID 13529623
                              • Upgrade Installer for Linux 32-bit systems - ID 13529653
                              • Upgrade Installer for Windows 32-bit systems - ID 13529639
                              • Upgrade Installer for Solaris 32-bit systems - ID 13529649


                              As always, be sure to follow the included ReadMe or Installation Guide before starting any installation. 

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                                Michael Ferrante-Oracle

                                I think what I tested earlier was not exactly what you described.  Also, I discussed this with Development and they reminded me that the right mouse click action will not fire the WHEN-MOUSE-CLICK trigger if you have a pop-up menu attached to the item.


                                Development has corrected this problem.  Because version 10 is no longer entitled to Error Correction, we will not provide a fix for that version.  However, if you have a Support account, you can request a fix for the current versions which are and  Contact Support for more information. Be sure to provide the bug number I mentioned previously.


                                For anyone unaware, the feature would most often be used in a WHEN-MOUSE-CLICK trigger with code that looks something like this:



                                button_pressed VARCHAR(2);


                                button_pressed := :System.Mouse_Button_Pressed;

                                IF button_pressed = '1' THEN

                                message ('Button 1 pressed.');

                                ELSIF button_pressed = '2' THEN

                                message ('Button 2 pressed.');


                                message ('Button 3 pressed.');

                                END IF;



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                                  I remind you i'm using forms 11g Rel2 ( And the item has not pop-up menu attached.


                                  If you have installed, can you test a form-level when-mouse-click on item (which has no pop-up menu) and see if it works?. I mean, it detects button 3 was pressed? That is all i need to know.


                                  Filing fix request is fine but would take some time(if is accepted). Although i agree with current situation, i mean if right click is pressed on a item which has a pop-up menu attached, it should show the menu and do nothing else, not even fire WHEN-MOUSE-CLICK.


                                  Regards, Luis ...:)

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