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    difference between P2V and Oracle Virtual Assembly Builder?




      I want to know the exact difference between P2V (used with Oracle VM Server CD ISO) and Oracle Virtual Assembly Builder ?


      • P2V (To create a Template):

      To convert the operating system and application software on a computer to an Oracle VM hardware virtualized guest image using the Physical to Virtual (P2V) conversion utility.


      I can understand this definition.


      One: The OVAB is to convert an Operation system with application software on a computer to an Oracle VM Assembly?

      Two: Tha OVAB is to package just the Oracle Applications to an Assembly ?


      But an assembly definition is a collection of application and operating system with vm.cfg and disk image so i think the One is true. if the One is true why we use the OVAB while we have P2V?


      I need to understand the objectif of the OVAB?

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          Oracle Virtual Assembly Builder [From server-vrtualization-for-dummies]

          Combined with Oracle VM, Oracle Virtual Assembly Builder helps organizations quickly create and configure entire multi-tier application topologies and provision

          them onto virtualized resources. It enables IT organizations to take multi-tier enterprise applications —for example, a web server, application server, and database — and package them into self-contained, single-purpose virtual machines called software appliances.

          Oracle Virtual Assembly Builder structures the process of combining these appliances into cohesive, reusable units known as assemblies.

          Oracle Virtual Assembly Builder is a sophisticated development tool for introspecting the current application environment and creating assemblies

          or collections of VMs, along with all their critical configuration parameters. This allows you to move your applications to a virtual environment, or to replicate easily and quickly within an existing environment.

          An application “assembly” is very similar to an Oracle VM Template except that an additional set of configuration information and management policies are packaged along with the set of multiple virtual machines, their virtual disks, and the interconnectivity between them. These assemblies are packaged using the industry-standard Open Virtualization Format (OVF).