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    Is the ORACLE.COM developed using jdev/adf?

      Is the ORACLE.COM (including OTN) developed using jdev/adf? or what stuff was used from adf to dev/deploy ORACLE.COM?
      I mean is it a good choice to develope a website(eg: e-commerce website) with jdev/adf?

      To my knowledge, jdev/adf is good at:
      -- develope rich client ui, database centered (form-table featured), heavy business logic apps.
      (so it's usaually used for internal staffs with maximun concurrent number of thounsands?)

      but maybe not good at:
      -- exhibit abundant unstructured data,
      -- more vivid UIs,
      -- tens of thounsands or even more conrrurent number of users...

      In one word,Jdev/adf is good at developing ERPs, but not good at developing Websites(yahoo, amazon, facebooks,twitters...)
      Are these impressions correct?
      If this is not the case, can someone give some impressive example of jdev/adf using on website apps?

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