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    Mutliple Dyanmic action on same region


      Hi all Using apex 4.1.1 , 11gr2 , Linux oc4j

      I have a classic report region in which i have two column on which i place a dynamic action

      1 Dynamic action is modal pop page using Dan mcghan plugin

      2 Dynamic action , defined as "onclick="return false;" class="alias_approve" title="SOR Approve" id="#ALIAS_ID#" rel="SOR_ALIAS""

      on true condition , it set value to two hidden items which are id="#ALIAS_ID#" rel="SOR_ALIAS" then , i pass those values to another true action which calls PL/Sql proc. after that one more true action which refresh the region .

      On First click on any of DA works normally but then when i click the second row neither of dynamic action 1 or 2 fire.



      can you help/suggest why Dynamic action are not in a ready stage to fire.