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    Target Table Record count in OWB Mappings


      Hi Experts,


      I am Working with OWB 11g and i have a strange scenario as mentioned below.


      I have created around 10 Dimensions and 2 Facts and it has corresponding staging tables of around 30 tables.

      Everyday I am refreshing these tables (some are incremental and some are full load) and all these tables (around 40+) are getting refreshed with the respective inserts according to the mappings build.

      Most of the tables(staging / Dimensions /Facts) are getting incremented daily.


      My Question is :

      1) Is there a way/ work around to capture the record count of all the tables by creating a mapping at a single shot??

      2) How (which audit table) to find out this kind of information in the backend so that i can make a query according to the date and see the count as per the load and inserts.


      Note: there are multiple target tables in some mappings as well.


      Kindly Guide me.


      Many Thanks,

      Pavan Kumar.