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    TopLink Session still retained

      Hi All,

      Can any one tell me , how to autoclose the sessions in toplink workbench.

      As of now , we are using .mwp file and xml file for mapping with java objects(manually).If I am doing some transaction from java environment to db through toplink , that session still retained. In server area we have total 50 sessions availability.Concurently 20 users need to connect .But now per one user it costs 7-10 sessions.Please help me to reduce the session cost.

      Thanks in Advance....
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          Not sure I understand.  The TopLink Mapping Workbench is a development tool, I can't see how you would be using this at runtime?

          How are you accessing your TopLink Session at runtime?  Are you using JPA, or the SessionManager and native API?  Are you using a ServerSession?  Why are you connection 10 sessions per user?  Are you using connection pooling?