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    Sun JDS, port 16001, and PC X-Server.

      I connect to my Solaris 10 Java Desktop System using a PC X-server via XDMCP and that works great. The problem is when I click Java Launch > Log Out - the process stalls for about four minutes before the "Are you sure you want to log out?" message appears. A Wireshark trace running on the PC and snoop running on the Solaris machine indicate TCP SYN packets on port 16001 trying to connect from the Solaris machine to the Windows machine. Since I have a firewall on the Windows the machine the SYNs never get an ACK or RESET and the SYNs get repeated until about four minutes have elapsed. I think port 16001 is Enlightenment Sound Daemon(ESD) and I guess that it and/or Gnome are not aware that someone logged in from a PC X-Server instead of a console.

      I have sound turned off in Java Desktop System(the little speaker in the lower right has a red slash through it) but I'm still getting the TCP SYNs to the PC. I've also allowed port 16001 through the Windows firewall but since there isn't a service listening on 16001 it doesn't do any good. For the heck of it I installed an SSH server on the Windows machine and set it to listen on port 16001 and that makes ESD or whatever is initiating the port 16001 traffic happy and logout commences immediately.

      I've looked on the Solaris box for ways to disable ESD and/or remove the packages but can't seem to find this information. It seems like it might be tightly integrated into the Java Desktop System. Does anyone have any ideas on how to remove ESD or prevent whatever is sending port 16001 from trying to connect back out?

      Oh, and this problem doesn't happen with CDE.

      Thanks for any insight.

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          I found an answer to my question, just including here for future reference.

          I was referred to this Dtrace script [url http://blogs.corenetworks.es/2009/08/conntrack-dtrace-script-connections-by-process-user-and-port-on-solaris-opensolaris/]conntrack and it lead me to what processes were trying to use port 16001.

          That lead to a couple of workarounds.
          Installing [url http://www.liquid-reality.de/display/liquid/ESound+for+Windows]esound on the Windows machine and
           ‘export ESPEAKER=<ip>:<port>’ 
          in .bashrc on the Solaris machine. A user reported that he could set the value of the ESPEAKER environment variable to the Solaris machine itself and didn't need to use esound on Windows, but I did not verify this.
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            This problem with slow log out from Solaris Java Desktop using XWin 32 has been bugging me for months!


            I've searched Oracle Support so many times and found nothing, but this has fixed it.


            I figured looping it back on itself would be fastest if it works, and it does!  I've added the following line to the .profile of my users who require XWin.


            "export ESPEAKER="


            Log out now works instantly.