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    Need help to clarify PL/SQL concepts

    Azadare M

      Hi All,


      I have given a test for certification of PL/SQL but I have failed in that....

      I have copy all questions from that test.now I want know correct answers to prepare for next test..  


      Following are the some questions and remaining question I will ask in replies..


      1-which statement about formal parameters is true ?


        a-You can assign a default value to an OUT formal parameter.

        b- The OUT or IN formal parameter defines the value used in the executable section of a pl/sql block.

        c-You cannot assign a value to an IN formal parameters inside the procedure in which it is being used.

        d-An IN OUT formal parameters does not require a value before returning to the calling environment.

      Kindly tell me the correct answer with brief description.



      Thanks in Advance.......