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    OBIEE Skin and Style changes

      Dear All,

      I want to customize the skin and style in OBIEE
      I already did for OBIEE and having fair idea of files and location for customization.

      I used to copy s_blafp and sk_blafp from /opt/xyz/obiee/Oracle_BI1/bifoundation/web/app/res and copy it to

      but here in OBIEE i can see s_blafp, sk_blafp and s_Fusionfx is used in Dashboard login page.
      1. My doubt is which S_and Sk_ file we have to deploy on CONSOLE ??
      2. Can we follow the same Orcale white paper we used to follow for OBIEE Customization ??
      3. Any new document/ link for OBIEE11. customization