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    Problem migrating database with charsetset ZHT16MSWIN950 to WE8MSWIN1252


      Hello everybody,


      I have a database in Oracle 8.1.7 with characterset ZHT16MSWIN950, and I need to migrate this database to Oracle with characterset WE8MSWIN1252. I use EXP (ver. 8.1.7) to export and IMP (ver. 8.1.7) to import and it seems to work fine, but in the source database I store spanish characters (characters with accents, for example "Organización"), and the target database these characters are not imported correctly (for example "Organizaci?n").


      These are the parameters to database level:


      • Oracle 8.1.7 (source)

                     NLS_LANGUAGE = AMERICAN

                     NLS_TERRITORY = AMERICA

                     NLS_CHARACTERSET = ZHT16MSWIN950

                     NLS_NCHAR_CHARACTERSET = ZHT16MSWIN950

                     NLS_RDBMS_VERSION =


      • Oracle (target)

                     NLS_LANGUAGE = AMERICAN

                     NLS_TERRITORY = AMERICA

                     NLS_CHARACTERSET = WE8MSWIN1252

                     NLS_NCHAR_CHARACTERSET = AL16UTF16

                     NLS_RDBMS_VERSION =



      To export the database I've tried to use NLS_LANG parameter to session level with the following values:


                     NLS_LANG = AMERICAN_AMERICA.ZHT16MSWIN950


                     NLS_LANG = AMERICAN_AMERICA.WE8MSWIN1252


                     NLS_LANG = SPANISH_SPAIN.WE8MSWIN1252




      But everytime the import was with those errors (the accents were not migrated propertly).


      If I connect to the source database (8.1.7) from PowerBuilder I can see the accents correctly, but when I connect with SQL Plus I can't see the accents, it is very rare.I think for this reason that it is no considering the accents.


      I appreciate any help.


      Best regards.