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    Unexpected activity in PermGen


      Hi experts,


      we are facing strange behavior in WebLogic 12c on Solaris. Our web applications are calling the web service using standard JAX-WS (nothing unusual: a request is sent to our web application which in turn calls a web service on another system - response is processed and web application replies back to client).


      When running a load test against deployed application, we see (best seen through VisualGC) that PermGen is filling up to its limit and then is garbage collected. This continues during all the lifetime of application (and as soon as there are request sent to it).


      After some research, we see a lot of dead instances of com.sun.xml.ws.client.WSServiceDelegate$DelegatingLoader in PermGen.


      Has anyone seen such behavior, or has a clue what could be causing this? I continue researching, however, I expect it will take a long, so maybe someone will know what direction to look first... Until now I found some explanation based on using JNI by JAX-WS internally and then tuning JNI inflation, but honestly, I've never dealt with JNI...


      Thank you in advance.


      Best regards,