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    Entry Point Not Found


      Dear All,

      I execute this command:

      Rwserver Server=prod_Report_Server Start


      I got the following error message when execute the above command.I am Using Oracle 10g Report and Window Xp OS

      javaw.exe - Entry Point Not Found
      The procedure entry point psoasyn could not be located in the dynamic link library orapls10.dll

      Set the PATH before launching rwserver :




      set ORACLE_HOME=e:\oracle\ods1012

      set PATH=%ORACLE_HOME%\bin;%ORACLE_HOME%\jdk\jre\bin;%ORACLE_HOME%\jdk\jre\bin\classic;%ORACLE_HOME%\jdk\jre\bin\classic;%ORACLE_HOME%\jlib;%ORACLE_HOME%\jdk\bin

      rwserver server=repsrvr batch=yes autostart=yes

      Where I can do the above Changes in Regedit or in Environment Variable?

      Please give me the Solution.

      Thanks and Regards,