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    Apex 4.2: Super-LOV with extra JS?




      I am migrating a test environment to real data, the first move being to include real staff. My dropdowns now have ~3,000 people instead of 10, and I will swiftly need to change the component from the current Select list in order to make this workable.


      I'd like to use a modal pop-up and thought perhaps I could use a super-LOV plugin. Showing users the department and division as well as names, and letting them search on different columns, will all help make this field quickly workable.


      However, what I really want to do is create a Search box enhanced so that when I type in "Smit..." it automatically filters for all Smiths (and anywhere else that "Smit" might occur).


      Does anyone know of a plugin that works like this? My JS knowledge is pretty basic but I presume this needs some JS...

      Thanks for any tips