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    Grid Infrastructure PSU rollback.




      I'm looking at the latest PSU ( for Grid Infrastructure (GI) homes. The README states that this PSU is rollable. Can any anyone answer if this is applicable to both the apply and rollback of the PSU to the GI home?


      i.e If you apply the patch in a rolling fashion can you also rollback in a rolling node by node fashion?


      I'm working on Linux (OEL5) and UNIX (AIX5.3). The clusters are all 2 or 4 nodes currently running or .3



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          Ed Rudans



          The rollback process is rollable as well. What you do when applying PSU patch is update binaries on each cluster node one by one, the shared components like OCR are not changing. That’s why rollable operation is possible. When all nodes are patched, you apply sql script only once, to update data dictionary. The word of caution here, the apply script may interfere with your application, so always test on test environment before production. You may want to check PSUSUPPLEMENTAL README note 1494646.1 for more details how to perform manual apply/rollabck. In this note you can find that rollback auto is bound to local node.


          We never use opatch auto, because we like to be in control of what we are doing. For manual rollback, make sure you specify -local to do operation only on local node.


          opatch rollback -local -id <GI_components_number> -oh <GI_HOME>


          The best backout strategy for PSU patching is to use minimal downtime using cloning methodology. When rollback is necessary its just a matter of switching back to old home. Check 1136544.1 for more info.


          Again, always test your strategy on test environment before production.



          Ed Rudans

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            Thanks for your input Ed. I applied the PSU the other day using auto and then rolled it backed. Will use the manual method in prod through.



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              Ed Rudans

              nw, hope the PSU in prod will go smootly, we are also preparing for the next PSU cycle