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    Oracle Directory feature



      We are migrating from standalone Oracle 8i to Oracle 11g RAC. In the 8i database our system uses the Oracle Directory feature. It uses this Directory feature as some files are FTPied and stored in the Oracle SYSTEM.

      As we are migrating to Oracle 11g RAC(two node), how do we handle these Directory feature? Should we go for NAS as a  shared storage or can we go for  Oracle ASM Cluster file system or any other options?



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          Ed Rudans

          I suppose the question is about Oracle Directory database object, ie 'CREATE DIRECTORY ...'


          The shared storage is required if you want to use directories in the RAC, ie all nodes must see the mountpoint as a filesystem. Any shared storage technology can be used which allows simultaneous access to file system , it really depends what is already is implemented in your environment. For instance if NFS server is already there, then its quite easy to create a mountpoint (provided that drives are allocated)