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    Unable to bind error in tabular form - error message is very unclear (bug)


      I have an application which includes a certain page with a tabular form.

      After I copied this to a second schema, Apex threw an error 'Unable to bind ':126_ENG_PROJ_ID'


      It took me quite a while before I found out that one of my fields in that tabular form has a Popup Key LOV.

      The SQL for the LOV was:


      select dv, rv from (select loop_short dv, cmpnt_id rv from SPI_MAIN_TAG where eng_proj_id in (:P126_ENG_PROJ_ID, -:P126_ENG_PROJ_ID) ) order by dv


      Turned out that the view SPI_MAIN_TAG didnt exist in the second schema.

      My mistake, but it would have been really helpful if the Apex error message would have been more clear, like a simple 'Table or view does not exist' error, where possible even with the table name.

      I had Debug turned on, but in the debug window there was no reference to above SQL, so that wasn't helpful either.