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    Jive Genius


      The option "Jive Genius" is available from the Browse pull-down menu under Content, People or Places. Is that it same thing as Jive Genius Recommender Service mentioned in the Jive 5 documentation?


      The Recommender Service is the first of the Jive Genius family of social intelligence products introduced in Jive 5.0. The Recommender Service is an engine that collects and analyzes user activity in the community to recommend useful content, people, and places to individual users, and reports trending content and people. The Recommender looks at business relationships, user expertise, and areas of interest based on a user's behavior in the community to suggest relevant content that Jive knows a user has not yet seen.


      It's showing info from 2008. If this doesn't cost any space or performance, might as well leave it in case anyone gets really bored, but I find it completely useless and cannot imagine that I will ever use it. There also isn't any option to filter, customize or sort the output. Reading that apparently the "more like this" feature already caused a performance issue due to searching 10 year old message, I thought I'd report this.

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          I do not see what you seem to see.

          When I select Browse...

          I only have three choices:  Content, People, and Places.

          For me, the same results appear regardless whether I invoke the drop-down or whether I directly click on Browse from the top mast of a page.


          I suspect this is yet another example of everyone not necessarily having the same granular user profile configuration settings ticked (not surprising for a user base that supposedly tens or hundreds of thousands accrued over many years and many iterations of software and the merging of forum site user lists).    While we might hope for universality, I doubt it will happen.

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            I only have three choices:  Content, People, and Places.


            Yes, me too. Just open the Browse window. "Jive Genius" at least for me, is available for Content, People and Places. When opening Content, "Jive Genius" is listed on the left side under Drafts, Authored, Participated, etc.


            I guess my description where it is located was a bit unclear. I added more info to my initial post.

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              I see it now, once you pointed it out.




              No clue as to what benefit I might get from it, personally.

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                I check Jive Genius every so often, see "No results found," and am entertained.

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                  Wasn't this turned off due to performance issues?

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                    "Jive Genius" is the oxymoron of the week.


                    Last week it was "Divorce Court".

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                      jgarry wrote:


                      I check Jive Genius every so often, see "No results found," and am entertained.


                      Awesome. Many need youtube and tons more bandwidth for that.