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    Model Not Reversing using RKM Hyperion Planning KM




      I'm using ODI trying to build a Hyperion Planning dimension.  I have built the Context, LA and PA. I imported in all the KM's too.  I created the Model for my 'File' and reverse engineered it and it worked fine.  However when I create the Model for Hyperion Planning I have:


      Definition Tab

      Technology: Hyperion Planning

      Logical Schema: Projects_Planning_File_LA

      Action Group: <Generic Action>


      Reverse Engineer Tab

      Customized is checked

      Context: DEV

      Logical Agent: Local(No Agent)

      Types of Objects: Table

      Mask: %

      Knowledge Module:  RKM Hyperion Planning.Dim_Build_File


      I click on the Reverse Engineer button and it brings up the Execution window.  I select:

      Context: DEV

      Logical Agent: Local (No Agent)

      Log Level:5


      It says 'Session Started' and I then click 'OK'.


      Then nothing happens.  It's supposed to pull in my dimension from my Planning application starting underneath the Hierarchy.   However none of my dimension ever show up.


      Any ideas?