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    Which version of GG to use?


      Hi all,




      I have 32-bit oracle database on a 64-bit Widows7.

      Which GG should I install? 32-bit or 64-bit?


      Thanks a lot,



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          Never get a release from edelivery unless it is the only option.  I would always recommend searching for the latest release on My Oracle Support.  For 32bit Oracle on a 64bit OS, I would probably go for the 32bit version of OGG...   however, it's a very uncommon platform for a product like GoldenGate, I don't think there are many production environments running Windows 7 64bit with 32bit Oracle. 


          The build you will want would be named similar to this:


          Oracle GoldenGate V11. for Oracle 11g on Windows 2003, 2008

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            Thanks a lot Nick


            Where can I download installers from MOS? I do not see any installer download tab page inside it.

            Unlike OTN and edelivery you find lots of installers there.


            Can I install both 32bit and 64bit Oracle in my win7 laptop?