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    Does the scheduler jobs runs in a lock user?




      I'm on 11g R2 latest patch set. I have a requirement to use DBMS_REDEFINITION to partition few tables online via a DBMS_SCHEDULER job. I.e. Add rolling window partitions. I cannot use existing INTERVAL partitioning due to nature of the partitioning scheme I have. For me to do this I have to grant several roles and privileges to my application user. Nevertheless, my customer is reluctant to grant those privileges to the application user. Therefore, my recommendation was to create a additional user with the rights and keep its account locked. The scheduler job creator would be the new privileged user and job owner would be my application user. I have tested this approach with SYSTEM user as the additional user and it works perfectly.


      So my question here is whether DBMS_SCHEDULER jobs get executed under a locked user.