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    xdb access


      Hi everybody.


      Im using Apex 4.2, on Oracle 11G on a Linux server with pl/sql gateway access.


      I need modify css file for my application, I understand that this CSS file is located in XDB user repository, so I need download it from the XDB user, modify and upload it to XDB to apply the changes to my application.


      I have changed the ftp port to 2100 by the dbms_xdbsetftpPort.

      I have download and install FileZilla for this.


      When I try to connect to XDB user with FileZilla, all go good but it give me next error, when trying to read the directory ; Time out.


      I dont know, but I think Im doing some thing bad.


      Any idea welcome.

      Thanks in advanced.


      Regards everybody.

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          Bas de Klerk



          I had some issues with this in the past also.

          You might want to try the following settings in filezilla which fixed my problems :

          Change the connection settings in Filezilla. Go to File-Sitemanager and change the settings of the connection for XDB/Apex.

          Go to the tab Advanced and set Default remote directory to /i

          Go to the tab transfer settings and set Transfer mode to Active