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    process running twice




      I have a page process calling a package that runs after you click a button, my problem is that this process after a while starts to run again without my request, so the same process runs twice.

      I checked my table log and it shows that after a while one the process stops and restart, so it goes all the way to the end and stops, then the first process continues to run from where it stopped before.


      I even checked the debug feature apex provides and it shows 2 sessions with the same id running almost at the same time, and checking the sessions v$_sessions its the same, the second session begins after a while.


      If I check the page option Allow duplicate page submissions to: No - Prevent page from being re-posted. it won't happen, but I get an error on the screen that is not what I want.


      I know its a page problem because if I execute the package manualy it doesn't duplicate.


      Does anyone have an idea of could it be?


      Thanks in advance and sorry about my english.