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    DAC "Couldn't Store Login Data" error


      Hi everyone,


      We have deployed an 11g Oracle BI Apps solution onto a Windows Server 2008 box, however I am having problems logging in to the DAC when using remote desktop with my user credentials. My colleague is able to log in just fine, but when I attempt to do so it fails at the "Storing Login Data" stage with an error that simply says "Couldn't Store Login Data", despite us both using the same connection details, admin user and pass for the DAC. I have tried searching for this online but nothing comes up at all. I have admin privileges on the box, so it's not Windows preventing the DAC from writing to a file in Windows, so I'm guessing it might be a repository issue. Has anyone experienced this before, or knows what causes it? I'm a little in the dark here about where to begin troubleshooting.