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    Any way to lock mapping in FDM?


      We lock down FDM by locking all locations for the POV after month end is complete.


      We also want to prevent users from making mapping changes between month-ends.


      Is there any way to lock the mapping in FDM?         I suppose you could remove the rights to the security level, and then add them back before next month end, but that's not a very elegant solution.



      Mark Smith

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          There is no built in functionality that does this. However, the mappings for the POV are are archived for the last data load processed with for that Scenario,Location and Period. Therefore it doesn't realy matter if they change the mappings as if the POV is locked they could not reload the data and the mappings for that closed period will be retained and can be Restored using the Restore option in the maps screen

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            Thanks SH for the clarification and suggestions.     That confirmed what I was thinking, and you make a good point about the map restore option.

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              If non of your users have the "Power" admin rights, you could write a simple script to change the security level  for the maps option on the NavigationMenuItems security object to change it to Power. Then the Maps option would not appear as a menu option. A second script could then set it back when needed. Although you state this is not elegant in your original post, it may save the problem of checking to see if you need to restore maps. You could create the scripts as webscripts and include some sort of security so only you or nominated users can run the scripts.