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    AVDD 20.2.1 How to control markup create, save as, and markup name


      In Desktop Deployment 20.2.1, programming at vuebean level, we are trying to control markup creation and naming

      We want to be able to limit a drawing to one markup, by the name we specify

      While we have been able to this somewhat on the Client Server product, we have been unable to override the AVDD markup properties dialog that comes up

      We have tried the following code;



      On the C/S server side, we are overriding the GetPropsCSI_Markups action with the following (Note: This code is adapted from the ISDK FIleServerISDK example):

      private DMSProperty buildMarkupDefaultGuiEdit(){

              final String OUTNAME ="TheMakeupName";

              String [] fileComboOpts = new String[]{OUTNAME};

              GUIElementCombo fileCombo = new GUIElementCombo(DMSProperty.CSI_DocName,"Save to :",OUTNAME};,fileComboOpts,false);
             String comboVals[] = new String[3];

              comboVals[0] = DMSProperty.CSI_MarkupType_Master;

              GUIElementCombo typeCombo = new GUIElementCombo(DMSProperty.CSI_MarkupType, "Markup Type", DMSProperty.CSI_MarkupType_Master, comboVals, true);

              Property editArr[] = new Property[]{fileCombo};
              return new DMSProperty(DMSProperty.PROP_GUI_EDIT, editArr);

      This just pops up a simple Dialog to ask to accept changes. It does not bring up Markup Information dialog and does not change the provided markup name.

      Is there an Event on the DD side that I can intercept to override the default behavior to perform the same action.
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          Graham Mckendry-Oracle

          Hi user2238254,



          My understanding is that this question was also submitted as an SR to Oracle Support, and the following workaround was provided:



          Use the GUIElementList to pass markup name to the markup info dialog.




          private Property buildMarkupEditProperty(String markupName) {

          String[] fileComboOpts = new String[] {markupName};

          //GUIElementStatic fileCombo = new GUIElementStatic(markupName);

          GUIElement fileCombo = new GUIElementList(Property.PROP_DOC_NAME,

          "MARKUP_NAME", markupName, new String[] {markupName},  true);

                  Property editArr[] = new Property[]{fileCombo};

                  return new Property(Property.PROP_GUI_EDIT, editArr);