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    reconciliation between source and taget



      we are using GoldenGate to copy data from oltp systems to downstreams. Business requirment is to have a reconciliation summary report that can be geenrated to give confidense to business that we are copying all records expected to be processed from source copied  to destination.

      for example number of records inserted/updated/deleted at source per table for a specifc perioid of time and compare it with target


      I would like to know is there anything similar to this requirment that goldengate by default can generate for us or we have to build something.

      thanks in advance

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          Looking at the GGSCI STATS REPLICAT [replicat_name] command, that will return to you the information regarding the number of operations it has performed and on which tables.  There are a couple of options that can be used to return the data differently.


          Another option, that is much more reliable that just getting some object statistics is to use Veridata to compare the actual data between the source and target.  This will not only ensure that row change made it to the target, but that the data is correct.  It will also help protect against someone coming into the target directly and updating the data.