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    Error in Oracle® Database Reference 11g Release 2 (11.2) E25513-04

    Yasir Arsanukaev

      The V$ASM_FILE view description is probably not correct:


      In an Automatic Storage Management instance, V$ASM_FILE displays one row for every Automatic Storage Management file in every disk group mounted by the Automatic Storage Management instance. In a database instance, V$ASM_FILE displays no rows.


      However in my environment (Oracle Database 11g Release 2) the view does display rows in a database instance, and the rows returned are actually the same as those returned in ASM instance.

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          Thanks. I have notified the writer for that book.

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            After some testing, we believe that the documentation is correct as written. For example:



            ORACLE instance started.


            Total System Global Area  780877824 bytes

            Fixed Size                  2252968 bytes

            Variable Size             754978648 bytes

            Database Buffers           16777216 bytes

            Redo Buffers                6868992 bytes

            Database mounted.

            Database opened.

            SQL> desc V$ASM_FILE

            Name                                      Null?    Type

            ----------------------------------------- -------- ----------------------------

            GROUP_NUMBER                                       NUMBER

            FILE_NUMBER                                        NUMBER

            COMPOUND_INDEX                                     NUMBER

            INCARNATION                                        NUMBER

            BLOCK_SIZE                                         NUMBER

            BLOCKS                                             NUMBER

            BYTES                                              NUMBER

            SPACE                                              NUMBER

            TYPE                                               VARCHAR2(64)

            REDUNDANCY                                         VARCHAR2(6)

            STRIPED                                            VARCHAR2(6)

            CREATION_DATE                                      DATE

            MODIFICATION_DATE                                  DATE

            REDUNDANCY_LOWERED                                 VARCHAR2(1)

            PERMISSIONS                                        VARCHAR2(16)

            USER_NUMBER                                        NUMBER

            USER_INCARNATION                                   NUMBER

            USERGROUP_NUMBER                                   NUMBER

            USERGROUP_INCARNATION                              NUMBER

            PRIMARY_REGION                                     VARCHAR2(4)

            MIRROR_REGION                                      VARCHAR2(4)

            HOT_READS                                          NUMBER

            HOT_WRITES                                         NUMBER

            HOT_BYTES_READ                                     NUMBER

            HOT_BYTES_WRITTEN                                  NUMBER

            COLD_READS                                         NUMBER

            COLD_WRITES                                        NUMBER

            COLD_BYTES_READ                                    NUMBER

            COLD_BYTES_WRITTEN                                 NUMBER


            SQL> select * from V$ASM_FILE;


            no rows selected





            If you still think that the manual is incorrect, can you provide more details?