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    WebUtil Error when called via When_Custom_Javascript_Event


      We are using  javascript events to open forms from a landing form.


      In the landing form, the When_Custom_Javascript_Event trigger has something like this:


      v_event_name  VARCHAR2(30) := name_in(':SYSTEM.JAVASCRIPT_EVENT_NAME');

      v_event_val   VARCHAR2(500) := name_in(':SYSTEM.JAVASCRIPT_EVENT_VALUE');


      IF(v_event_name='callForm') THEN


      END IF:


      In the baseHTML file we have a javascript function like this:


      function raiseEvent(){

           document.forms_applet.raiseEvent('callForm', 'WebUtilForm'));



      If we do a call to this function(like below) in the landing forms PRE-FORM trigger, it will call WebUtilForm with no errors.




      However if we do the same function call from a parent window, that has the applet (or baseHtml file) in an iframe, we get the following error:   


      "WUC-11:WebUtil must be signed in order to work"

      After dismissing the error a number of times, the form eventually opens. Can anyone tell me why this error is being produced?