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    SUN SPARC T5140 Boot Flash failed


      Hi , I am facing a serious problem with my T5140 server.


      Here is the exact symptom , i go-ogled and found this article about failed flash update


      after flash updating to binary 136936-04 server cant pass the very step of u-boot process.


      Swapping BootFlash Hi/Low Regions


      U-Boot 1.1.1 (Jul 29 2008 - 13:09:56)

      CPU: MPC885ZPnn at 50 MHz: 8 kB I-Cache 8 kB D-Cache FEC present

      Board: SPARC885

      Watchdog enabled

      I2C: ready


      trying 128 MBytes

      trying 64 MBytes

      *** failed ***


      this is what i get. and i was told to manually switch the "high/low" flash ROM jumper (J10501 - located on the

      motherboard between the SCC chip and the Riser card) and reset the system

      which causes the system to boot from the other half of the FLASH which should

      contain a recovery firmware image.  Article tells it has to be managed by authorized service person. but i gave a try to switch jumper to here and there. still nothing has changed..

      can any body help me on switch high/low flash rom jumper please ? 

      thanks in advance !