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    Loading XML by using XMLSEQUENCE and EXTRACT


      I've discovered that on Oracle 10gR2 Express Edition I can't use XMLTABLE but I can/must use XMLSEQUENCE and EXTRACT/EXTRACTVALUE for loading an XML file.

      Since it's my first time, I can't understand how to do.

      I report a simple example.

      I have this XML called myxml.xml


      <?xml version="1.0"?>









      <REMARKS>rp polytechnic</REMARKS>





      I'd like an example of how using XMLSEQUENCE and EXTRACT/EXTRACTVALUE for loading a node of myxml.xml file stored in /mydirectory/.

      I believe it might be something like this:


      select extract('/mydirectory/myxml.xml','DETAIL')

      from dual;


      but I don't know.


      My target is how to load an external xml file in a xmltype column of a table and then scanning the column for extract the value to be inserted in the right tables.