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    Creating Context and FKRef Object using UI Map




      I am trying to create a brand new portal that will have context and foreign key references for the person object. I am following the tips document but the tips are not working.

      Both the context and fkref are not displaying on screen.


      I have created a portal, attached a map zone to the portal and the UI Map references the UI Map below (which I got from the tips document):




              <table summary="" border="1" cellpadding="1" cellspacing="1">



                      <td><span oraField="userId" oraType="fkRef:true; info:true; context:true; navigation:true;"></span></td>












      With this schema:



          <userId fkRef="CI_USER"/>





      Also I noticed that there have been other similar topics regarding this before, all of which are unanswered, so not sure if it could be done.