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    Apex 4.2 listener installed on weblogic - blank page displaying


      Hi All,


      I just finished installing APEX listener 4.2 on weblogic 10.3.5 and when I access the test URL http://weblogicserver:7010/apex/f?p=4550:1:897118803234401 a blank page is returned.  I used the http://docs.oracle.com/cd/E37099_01/doc/doc.20/e25066/install.htm#CHDGDGJJ document to install and have gone over all the steps several times as I have read the other threads on this same subject.  i.war is pointing to the right location for the images as demonstrated below.

      from weblogic.xml exploaded from i.war...

        <!-- This element specifies the location on disk where the static resources are located -->



      The apex_version.txt in that location contains...

      Application Express Version:  4.2.1

      which is the correct version.


      Both i.war and apex.war are deployed on the same managed server which has a listener address of 7010.  If I access http://weblogicserver:7010/i/apex_version.txt the correct version is returned.  However all the apex links return either as 404... http://weblogicserver:7010/apex/default.htm or as blank... http://weblogicserver:7010/apex/


      From looking this issue is usually tied to the images not being found but I don't know where it could be mis-configured at this point.