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    Is Oracle Database 11g Express Edition suitable for Oracle Database 11g Professional Cerification?


      Hi Guys,


      I am currently enrolled in Oracle Database 11g Administrator Certified Professional, looking at the list of the topics which are going to be covered in the course I am now wondering if the XE has all the necessary features to cater for all these topics.

      So guys, does it have all the features I would need to enable me to fully work through the course?



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          Asif Muhammad



          Kindly note that you can install Enterprise edition for study purpose and that no problem, Oracle Corp enforces you to obtain license if the Database is used for commercial use. Please read their license agreement. You may install Enterprise Edition as it gives you full features of the 11g Database.


          Please refer the features not included in XE:

          • Development Platform
            • Oracle Precompilers (Pro*C/C++, Pro*Cobol)

            • SQLJ
          • High Availability:
            • Automatic Block Repair

            • Block change tracking for fast incremental backup
            • Block-level media recovery
            • Duplexed backup sets
            • Fast-start fault recovery
            • Flashback Database
            • Flashback Data Archive
            • Flashback Table
            • Flashback Transaction
            • Lost Write Protection
            • Online index rebuild
            • Online index-organized table organization
            • Online table redefinition
            • Oracle Active Data Guard
            • Oracle Data Guard-Redo Apply
            • Oracle Data Guard-Snapshot Standby
            • Oracle Data Guard-SQL Apply
            • Oracle Fail Safe
            • Oracle RAC One Node
            • Parallel backup and recovery
            • Rolling Upgrades-Patch Set, Database, and Operating System
            • Tablespace point-in-time recovery
            • Trial recovery
            • Unused block compression in backups
            • Oracle Total Recall
          • Scalability
            • Automatic Workload Management

            • Oracle Real Application Clusters
          • Security
            • Advanced Security Option

            • Fine-grained auditing
            • Oracle Database Vault
            • Oracle Label Security
            • Oracle Virtual Private Database
            • Secure External Password Store
            • SecureFiles Encryption
          • Performance
            • Client Side Query Cache

            • Database Smart Flash Cache
            • In-Memory Database Cache
            • PL/SQL Function Result Cache
            • Query Results Cache
            • Server Flash Cache
            • Support for Oracle Exadata Storage Server Software
            • Xstream
          • Manageability
            • Database Resource Manager

            • Deferred segment creation
            • Instance Caging
            • Oracle Change Management Pack
            • Oracle Configuration Management Pack
            • Oracle Diagnostic Pack
            • Oracle Real Application Testing
            • Oracle Provisioning and Patch Automation Pack
            • Oracle Tuning Pack
            • SQL Plan Management
          • VLDB, Data Warehousing, Business Intelligence
            • Asynchronous Change Data Capture

            • Basic Table Compression
            • Bitmapped index, bitmapped join index, and bitmap plan conversions
            • Deferred Segment Creation
            • In-memory Parallel Execution
            • Oracle Advanced Compression
            • Oracle Data Mining
            • Oracle Data Profiling and Quality
            • Oracle Data Watch and Repair Connector
            • Oracle OLAP
            • Oracle Partitioning
            • Parallel Data Pump Export/Import
            • Parallel index build/scans
            • Parallel query/DML
            • Parallel Statement Queuing
            • Parallel statistics gathering
            • Summary management-Materialized View Query Rewrite
            • Transportable tablespaces, including cross-platform
          • Integration
            • Advanced Replication

            • Gateway for DRDA
            • Gateway for Informix
            • Gateway for SQL Server
            • Gateway for Sybase
            • Gateway for Teradata
            • Messaging Gateway
            • Oracle Streams
          • Content Management
            • Oracle Multimedia

            • Semantic Technologies (RDF/OWL)
          • Spatial and Location Data
            • Multimaster replication of SDO_GEOMETRY objects

            • Oracle Spatial
            • Parallel spatial index builds
            • Partitioned spatial indexes
          • Networking
            • Infiniband Support

            • Oracle Connection Manager


          Hope this helps