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    Disabling JRE version check in Ubuntu and using Firefox


      I am searching for a way to disable the JRE version check in Ubuntu 10 and using Firefox 19. I am running Ubuntu on ThinPro thin clients and using an Juniper SSL VPN connection that requires JRE when the network connect portion is launched.  The problem is that unlike in Windows where the option to install or do the update later box stays on the screen, in Ubuntu it tends to crash the browser window.  While you can open it back up and sign out of the initial start of VPN and then the box stays up for users to make the choice, this is not a good long term work around.  Since it seems like there is a new version of JRE quite frequently I would like to be able to disable the version check so it does not affect my users until we have time to test the new version and build a new image to push out.  I have been looking for a switch to add or something to accomplish this but so far have not had any luck.