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    device name on Linux


      Dear All

      during installation we used devices from linux multipath software now we want to remove linux multipath and use vendro multipath.

      we had installed oracle using ASM.

      Is there a way to change the device names from /dev/mapper/mpathX to /dev/sdb ....?

      Best regrads

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          ASMLib scans all disk devices during startup, or when using the oracleasm scandisk command, to search for disk header information to identify ASM disks. If there are multiple paths to one and the same disk, ASMLib will choose only one of the paths, because ASM cannot handle seeing the same disk twice.  In a multipath environment, ASMLib needs to be configured to ignore individual device paths and instead use the multipath device name. If your previous multipath environment was configured properly it should have ORACLEASM_SCANORDER and/or ORACLEASM_SCANEXCLUDE defined. Here is a documentation link:


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            My question is well answered

            I dont know how to close

            but Thanks Dude