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    Cannot access files on client file system


      Hi all,

      I have an applet that was written some years ago and it is used to upload files to a webserver.

      The applet browses the content of your disk to allow you to choose a file to upload.

      The applet has been working without problems both on Linux, Windows and Mac computers and I recently

      tried it with a CentOS 5 system, Firefox 11 and jre 1.6.26 and it runs without problems.


      Several users started complaining few weeks ago as they cannot upload files.

      All these users have jre 7.21 running on Windows 7, Windows 8 or the latest Mac OSX.


      I re-signed the applet (just in case the self-signed certificate was expired) but the same problem occurs.


      I'd like to ask you how I should proceed in order to fix the problem.


      Thanks in advance