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    Starange behaviour in keygen command.


      I am new to Golden gate and trying to explore keygen concept.    

      I did following steps and got succeeded in creation of encrypted password.


      1) Generate the key using keygen @SOURCE.

         cd $GG_HOME

         ./keygen 128 4

      $ ./keygen 128 4





      $ vi ENCKEYS

      $ ./ggsci

      2) collect the key from step 1 and place in a text file called ENCKEYS

      $ ls -ltr ENCKEYS

      -rw-r--r-- 1 oracle dba 185 Jun 14 07:20 ENCKEYS

      $ cat ENCKEYS

      securekey1 0x32A2AC41A8E96C46D11A3D3135BA442D

      securekey2 0xE60663685C848A0AABB9250F01E4D61E

      securekey3 0xF1C01E0F9E3B8F07DAE6812151AAC872

      securekey4 0xFB7ADA35E0F293040914DE33A270BA46





      3) Transfer the file from SOURCE to TARGET



      4) Encrypt database password.(@ GG PROMPT)



        encrypt password ggs_owner encryptkey securekey1


      GGSCI (auc01v574.us.abcd.com) 1> dblogin userid gguser, password gguser

      Successfully logged into database.

      GGSCI (auc01v574.us.abcd.com) 2> encrypt password gguser encryptkey securekey1


      Algorithm used:  AES128


      5) Now test the user

         dblogin userid ggs_owner, password <password got from 4th step>, encryptkey securekey1


      GGSCI (auc01v574.us.abcd.com) 3> dblogin userid gguser,password AADAAAAAAAAAAAGARIZFDGOENBIDVGIDMBGGNHLCRCUARGZEGBJFQDHGDCSJKCKFQDZDTHIBQCPFAHHI,encryptkey securekey1

      Successfully logged into database.

      Now i did little R&D by changing the encrypted password. Results are as follows.


      GGSCI (auc01v574.us.oracle.com) 4> dblogin userid gguser,password AADAAAAAAAAAAAGARIZFDGOENBIDVGIDMBGGNHLCRCUARGZEGBJFQDHGDCSJKCKFQDZDTHIBQCPFAAAA,encryptkey securekey1

      ERROR: Error (-1013) decrypting string: Unknown or User Defined error.




      GGSCI (auc01v574.us.oracle.com) 5> dblogin userid gguser,password AADAAAAAAAAAAAGARIZFDGOENBIDVGIDMBGGNHLCRCUARGZEGBJFQDHGDCSJKCKFQQZDTHIBQCPFAHHI,encryptkey securekey1

      ERROR: Error (-1013) decrypting string: Unknown or User Defined error.




      GGSCI (auc01v574.us.oracle.com) 6> dblogin userid gguser,password QADAAAAAAAAAAAGARIZFDGOENBIDVGIDMBGGNHLCRCUARGZEGBJFQDHGDCSJKCKFQDZDTHIBQCPFAHHI,encryptkey securekey1

      Successfully logged into database.


      Why this is allowing me to login in the last step even though encrypted value is changed?