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    Replication products

      Hi Guys,

      This is just a general question...(MAsters assignment)..regarding replication...
      I'm done with the remaining codes except for this...
      Data Replication Products Survey
      As a consultant with the Risk Analysis Consulting Co., you have been asked to research data replication products for a manufacturing company, XYZ Plastics.
      XYZ Plastics has decided to build its backup application servers in a distant city. In its headquarters and in the other location, the servers run Solaris (operating system) and Oracle (database), and the database resides on a SAN system.
      XYZ Plastics would like transactions on its headquarters servers to be transmitted over a wide-area connection to the SAN in the other city. Find some reviews and information on data replication products.
      Make a comparison of some of the replication products you have identified. Discuss the differences and similarities among the products and discuss their business value.
      Can u guys suggest me a few products which run on Solaris & Oracle that runs on SAN??