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    Reset pagination in Interactive Report with Select List

    Kiem Nguyen

      Hi experts, I have an Interactive Report with Select List Filter. User can select GROUP Select List and TEAM Select List to display the report.


      When I select "Group B" it shows 1-100 records, I click on Next to see 101-200 records. Now when I select "Group A" in the Select List, it gives me this message: "Invalid set of rows requested, the source data of the report has been modified. Reset Pagination" because "Group A" on has 50 records.


      I wonder if there is a way to reset page pagination in Interactive Report with Select List. I have tried many solutions such as: creating a Reset Pagination Process, creating a branch with action to reset pagination for the same page but nothing work. I also tried solution from Patrick Wolf: http://www.inside-oracle-apex.com/resetting-pagination-of-master-detail-report-in-oracle-apex/#more-172 but it's still not working.


      I would greatly appreciate if any expert could help me with this. We use Apex version 4.1. Thank you.