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    access to the end user depending on user type



      I am struck with my design, I have a scenario where end user can access the some operations and privileged operation depending open the end user type.

      How to extract the operation from end user and how I can provide the access to privileged operations to end user.

      May be I can use the end user type, and I may have to use fassade and delegate patterns.

      Let say I have Operation class having methods

      Method1, method2, method3 and privileged methods method4, method5

      Explain with an example will appreciated


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          yes, façade design pattern is one of the choice in this scenario.


          class DefaultUser implements BaseUser{
                public void method1(){};
               public void method2(){};    
          class AdminUser extends DefaultUser{
                public void method3(){};
               public void method4(){};    
          class SuperAdminUser extends AdmnUser{
                public void method5(){};
               public void method6(){};    

          Here three type of user

          1. Default

          2. Admin

          3. SuperAdmin


          SuperAdmin have all the accessibility . Admin have the accessibility of method of self & DefaultUser. Default user can only access its own method.

          So this the way you can restrict the user accessibility.


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