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    WSDL publication issue.




      We are migrating from BEA weblogic 9.2 to Oracle weblogic 11g(10.3.5). The xsd schemas are imported in the WSDL. .NET application consumes the services hosted in weblogic.


      I have a problem when the refernce is updated in .NET. The issue is :


      BEA weblogic 9.2

      Element name declared using camel case notation in XSD schems are converted to pascal case notation when the WSDL is published.

      example : productCode  is published as ProductCode.


      if the same WSDL is published in 11g then the element is published with the same case "productCode".


      This difference is causing a major issue in .NET application and the require huge cahnge in .NET schema.


      I dont understand the exact issue here . Is it with BEA or Oracle weblogic ?.


      can any one help me to resolve this issue.